Architecture photography (selected projects)

concept + environment + people interaction

Denis Esakov is a serious and reliable professional freelance photographer: working with him, I appreciated his responsiveness to the requests and the accuracy and punctuality in meeting the scheduled deadline.  Everyone who in journalism and publishing knows how fundamental are these professional qualities!

I appreciate his shooting style. Denis’ photos do not chase a spectacularity end in itself, as opposed to some photographers, who produce beautiful images which do not reflect the architectural object itself and do not permit to the reader to understand what is looking at. Esakov has a preference for the aerial view, as this kind of images show the building in their urban context and underline the links between the construction and the space in which the building lives. His shots are normally clear, accurate and faithful to the real feature and shape of the building.


Gian Marco Sivieri 

Editor and Picture Manager

at 24 ORE Cultura (Milan)