Architecture photography (selected projects)

concept + environment + people interaction


facades, street view, interiors, aerial view (drone), urban landscape


McAslan + Partners (London), Gnädinger Architekten (Berlin), DOM Publishers (Berlin), Icon DESIGN (Milan), Melnikov Museum (Moscow), Context (Heidelberg), FORMA Edizioni (Florence) ...

Dr. Max-Näder-Haus / Gnädinger Archi

Dr. Max-Näder-Haus / Gnädinger Architekten (Duderstadt)

Museum of Russian Impressionism

Museum of Russian Impressionism / John McAslan + Partners (Moscow)

Pipia Panorama house / J Mayer H

Pipia Panorama house / J Mayer H (Tbilisi)

Skolkovo School / Adjaye Associates

Skolkovo School / Adjaye Associates (Moscow)

Wannssee Villa Gnädinger Architeken

Wannssee Villa / Gnädinger Architekten (Berlin)

Bolshevik Factory / John McAslan + P

Bolshevik Factory / John McAslan + Partners (Moscow)

Jewish Museum / Studio Libeskind

Jewish Museum / Studio Libeskind (Berlin)

Museu Blau / Herzog & de Meuron

Museu Blau / Herzog & de Meuron (Barcelona)

Denis captured a remarkable sequence of photographs for us at the Bolshevik Factory In Moscow. Although the buildings , volumes and spaces we created were inherently photogenic Denis breathed life into the development somehow wonderfully finding compositions filled with light and activity that no other photographer had seen previously. Architecture is ultimately about People not just the design of Buildings and this was the quality that Denis found and expressed so beautifully in his pictures and is one of his unique gifts as an Artist.

Aidan Potter, partner

John McAslan + Partners (London)

Denis Esakov is a serious and reliable professional freelance photographer. Working with him, I have appreciated his responsiveness to the requests, as well as his accuracy and punctuality in meeting the scheduled deadline, features that everyone that works on journalistic and publishing fields knows how fundamental they are!

I appreciate his shooting style, because Denis’ pictures do not chase a spectacular end in itself (like some photographers that produce nice images), but that doesn’t permit to the reader to understand what is looking at. Esakov has a preference for the aerial view, as these kinds of images show the building in their urban context and underline the links between the construction and the space in which the building lives; his shots are normally clear, accurate, and faithful to the real feature and shape of the building.

Gian Marco Sivieri, Editor and Picture Manager at 24 ORE Cultura (Milan)

Melnikov House

Konstantin Melnikov’s totemic Moscow house

Walden 7 / Ricardo Bofill

Walden 7 / Ricardo Bofill (Barcelona)

Wotruba Church / Fritz Wotruba

Wotruba Church / Fritz Wotruba (Vienna)

Viipuri Library / Alvar Aalto

Viipuri Library / Alvar Aalto

Communist party headquarters

Communist party headquarters / Oscar Niemeyer (Paris)

Zuev Workers' Club / Ilya Golosov

Zuev Workers' Club / Ilya Golosov (Moscow)

Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology (MIET) / Felix Novikov et al. (Zelenograd)

Institute of bioorganic chemistry

The Institute of bioorganic chemistry / Y. Platonov et al. (Moscow)

Voronovo health resort

Voronovo health resort / Ilya Chernyavsky et al. (Moscow)

Club in Zelenograd / Igor Pokrovsky

Club in Zelenograd / Igor Pokrovsky