Author's books

Spying on Moscow

Denis Esakov
Text Karina Diemer

DOM Publishers (Berlin), 2017


This collector’s album presents Moscow’s architectural icons. With photographic precision, Denis Esakov captures the fifth façade of the largest European metropolis: roofs, domes, and cube-like buildings stacked on top of each other. By gazing through the drone’s eye, the artist fosters a novel visual aesthetic that opens up new vistas, even for Moscow connoisseurs.

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Selected books with my photographies

Moscow (city guide)

Alessandro de Magistris, Umberto Zanetti
Photography by Denis Esakov et al.

FORMA Edizioni (Florence), 2017


The last fifteen years of Russian history have profoundly altered Moscow, bringing dramatic changes to the Communist city it was in the eighties. These alterations have increasingly highlighted Moscow’s many contrasts and multiple facets. 
The guide seeks to do more than just recount and illustrate the city’s architectural history. It strives to be a tool to study the building trends that have shaped it. 

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The Melnikov House

Pavel Kuznetsov
Modern photography by Denis Esakov

DOM Publishers (Berlin), 2017


This book gives a detailed account of its creation and history right through the 20th century, the transitional state from residential dwelling to museum, and the house's current condition while still awaiting an in-depth survey and conservation work. The volume contains rich archival materials as well as recent photographs. It describes the challenges and choices of museumification. Many memorial objects from the house are linked to the professional and family life of the architect and published for the first time.

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 "The Architect Konstantin Melnikov. Pavilions, garages, clubs and homes of the Soviet era"

Shusev Museum of Architecture, 2015


This is fourth volume of the series "Collection of the Shchusev Museum of architecture" timed to the 125th anniversary since the birth of the architect. It includes graphic sheets, working drawings, models, manuscripts and photographs.

 "Architectural guidebook to Yekaterinburg 1920 – 1940".

Tatlin, 2015


This guide recreates the architectural reality of Yekaterinburg 1920-1940-ies - the period of formation of the monuments of constructivism. You will find 8 hiking trails (through the town centre, Uralmash and Chkalovsky area), including 124 significant architectural object of the city. 

 "Architect Konstantin Trofimovich Babykin".

SVZD, 2015


Biography of Yekaterinburg architect. Konstantin Trofimovich Babykin was architect of the early and mid twentieth century in Yekaterinburg, the founder of architectural education in the city.