Selected books with architecture photographies

DOM Publishers Fifth Facade

Spying on Moscow, Fünfte Fassade / DOM Publishers (Berlin)

Phaidon Houses

Houses: Extraordinary Living / Phaidon (London)

DOM Publishers Melnikov House

The Melnikov House: Icon of the Avant-Garde / DOM Publishers (Berlin)

Forma Edizioni Barcelona guide

Barcelona: Architectural Guide / FORMA Edizioni (Milan)

DOM Publishers Berlin guide

Berlin: Architectural Guide / DOM Publishers (Berlin)

Forma Edizioni Moscow guide

Moscow: Architectural Guide / FORMA Edizioni (Milan)

DOM Publishers Tel Aviv guide

Tel Aviv: Architectural Guide / DOM Publishers (Berlin)

the Village Moscow live

Moscow: where we live / the Village (Moscow)

Tatlin Yekaterinburg Constructivism

Architectural guide to Yekaterinburg (1920–1940) / TATLIN (Yekaterinburg)

Tatlin Workers Club Stroitel

Workers Club Stroitel / TATLIN (Yekaterinburg)

Kuchkovo Pole Zelenograd Modernism

Zelenograd - the city of architect Igor Pokrovsky / TATLIN (Yekaterinburg)

Theatre and scenic architecture

The world is a Theater. Architecture and scenography in Russia / Kuchkovo Pole (Moscow)

Plattenbau masshousing in Russia

Mass housing construction in Russia / Moskomarchitectura (Moscow)

Feydor Shekhtel modern architecture

Architect Fedor Shekhtel / Kuchkovo Pole (Moscow)

Architect Konstantin Melnikov

Architect Konstantin Melnikov / Kuchkovo Pole (Moscow)