Fifth Facade

2015-2017, 210 x 150mm, 336 pages, 230 photographs, hardcover. Dom Publishers (Berlin)

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Denis Esakov’s work is not only a documentation of contemporary architecture thru the photographer’s eye. Esakov tells a visual story of our built environment.

Dr. Philipp Meuser,

architect and Publisher (Berlin)

@denisesakov thanks for posting these recent images of my project for @skolkovoschool . Your drone images which are now being copied by many others set a bench mark in architectural photography .They reveal a new way of looking at architecture on the planet. The constructivist would be jumping for joy.It also revealed the authors hand and design intent in a powerful new way. Thank you for allow us to use it at the @garagemca show last year and allowing us access to them for my archive. 

David Adjaye, architect,

Adjaye Associates (London)