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Future Architecture: Prachechnaya

Dezeen: Denis Esakov uses drone photography to capture Moscow's landmark buildings

Domus: Spying on Moscow

World-architects: Moscow from the Air

Designboom: denis esakov's aerial photography features the work of OMA, hadid, and adjaye

Fifth Facade

Republic: Fifth Facade

Esquire: 10 iconic buildings in Moscow

Photogrvphy: Denis Esakov: Spying on Moscow. A Winged Guide to Architecture

The Calvert Journal: Spying on Moscow: Denis Esakov presents the Russian capital from above

Archinect: Flyover Moscow with aerial photography of the city's architectural icons

This is not a Tower

Moslenta: This is not a Tower

This is not a Tower This is not a Tower book review

IBTimes UK: Spying on Moscow: Drone photography of the Russian capital

arch:speech: book review

GUP magazine: This is Not a Tower

InRussia: Flying over modern Moscow This Is Not a Tower (photo essay)

Photogrvphy: This is Not a Tower (photo essay)

Dodho Magazine: This is Not a Tower (photo essay)

Domus: White Houses. Photo-essay by Denis Esakov

The Modernist: Above Soviet Modernism

The Calvert Journal: Vertical City

MARK: Fifth Façade re-evaluates Soviet international style architecture with a drone

Afisha Daily: Fifth Facade - project of Denis Esakov Flying over Moscow These Drone Photographs Reveal the Hidden Geometries of Late Soviet Modernism

Photowebexpo: The Stage for a Stunned and Aware Hero (photo project of Denis Esakov)