Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology (MIET) / Felix Novikov et al.

Construction of the main building of MIET began in 1967. The place was allocated in the southern industrial zone of Zelenograd. Architects of the complex were Felix Aronovich Novikov and Grigori Saevich. The decoration of the main hall building has created  by sculptor Ernst Neizvestny.   

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Photographing architecture is a special skill. Many of the buildings are known to one point of view only. The best of them have cinematic trait, the ability to demonstrate a continuous number of points of perception. Denis Esakov sees every interesting perspective, every expressive detail. That is why  his architectural photo essays are so informative.  

Louis Kahn said "Drawings are the expression of one's striving to reach the spirit of architecture. And I would add, the spirit of place, the spirit of people, and the spirit of process." Denis is able to see this  spirituality and show it in his work. Therefore his photographs are so important.

 Felix Novikov, architect (Rochester)