Pskov. Dérive

co-author Liudmila Kirsanova

featured: Savva Dudin, Katya Masepina, Alexandra Nenko, Marie Reinecke, Rudi Rapf, Eva Rukhina, Sveta Savinova, Artem Werle 

2019, ready-made, black and white print, urban exploration

This urban exploring project happened in June 2019 in Pskov, Russia.

Five artists from Vienna, Berlin, and Moscow made a Drift for two days.

There were Savva Dudin, Denis Esakov, Liudmila Kirsanova, Marie Reinecke and Rudi Rapf.

As a result, we have 5 different drifts (routes and finds) and we made a self-published map-zines (51 copies).

This publication includes:

6 essays about drifts,

1 essay about urban exploration experience in Russia by Alexandra Nenko,

1 essay-comment about the culture of monuments in Russian cities by Eva Rukhina,

Poetry by Artem Werle,

Images connected with these essays.