Selected published works

greyscape Architecture Photographer

Greyscape: Architecture Photographer Denis Esakov

Prora Rügen

DETAIL: Betonsteinpflaster für Ferienanlage in Prora

ricardo bofill walden7

AD Classics: Walden 7 / Ricardo Bofill

Gnädinger Architekten

CUBE: Wannsee Villa by Gnädinger Architekten

J Mayer H Pipia Panorama

dezeen: J Mayer H builds concrete-framed Pipia Panorama house on a cliff in Tbilisi

Bolshevik Factory John McAslan

archello: Bolshevik Factory by John McAslan + Partners

Alvar Aalto Viipuri Library

Icon DESIGN: La biblioteca di Viipuri di Alvar Aalto

Gnädinger Architekten

context: Urbanes Wohnquartier im Botschaftsviertel by Gnädinger Architekten

Jewish Museum, Berlin Libeskind

ArchDaily: Jewish Museum, Berlin / Studio Libeskind

Architectuul: Photographers - Denis Esakov (interview)

J Mayer H Pipia Panorama

designboom: clifftop 'pipia.panorama' residence by j. mayer h.

The Zuev Workers’ Club

Architectuul: The Zuev Workers’ Club

Prora Rügen

Context: Ungetrübter Blick aufs Meer

Oscar Niemeyer L'Humanité

Archinect: Oscar Niemeyer's former headquarters of L'Humanité

Communist Party Headquarter Niemeyer

Archdaily: AD Classics: French Communist Party Headquarters / Oscar Niemeyer

Wotruba Church

Archdaily: The Bizarre Brutalist Church that Is More Art than Architecture

Herzog & de Meuron Museu Blau

ArchDaily: Herzog & de Meuron’s Museu Blau in Barcelona Through the Lens of Denis Esakov

Dezeen: Denis Esakov uses drone photography to capture Moscow's landmark buildings


RIBAj: The story of Moscow’s Cylindrical House

Konstantin Melnikov

The Architectural Review: Konstantin Melnikov’s Legacy

Domus: White Houses. Photo-essay by Denis Esakov

Melnikov House

Wallpaper: Model home: a new book surveys Konstantin Melnikov’s totemic Moscow house

MARK: Fifth Façade re-evaluates Soviet international style architecture with a drone This Is Not a Tower (photo essay) Melnikov and Moscow Workers’ Clubs: Translating Soviet Political Ideals into Architecture

The Modernist: Yekaterinburg (photo essay)

Domus: Spying on Moscow

this is not a towers

Moslenta: This is not a Tower

Fifth Facade

Republic: Fifth Facade

Tangram Architects Residence Kley

Republic: Residence Kley (Marseille) by Tangram Architects

Pipia Panorama J. Mayer H. Pipia Panorama residence by J. Mayer H.

This is not a Tower This is not a Tower Баухаус: архитектурный след

Prora Rügen Prora Rügen Werkbundsiedlung Wien


GUP Magazine: This is Not a Tower

#photography: Fifth Facade book review

Esquire (Russia):10 iconic buildings over the past 100 years

International Business Times (UK): Spying on Moscow: Drone photography of the Russian capital

Archinect: New photos of Oscar Niemeyer's Communist party headquarters in Paris

Designboom: denis esakov's aerial photography features the work of OMA, hadid, and adjaye

Archinect: Flyover Moscow with aerial photography of the city's architectural icons

arch:speech: book review

Photogrvphy: Denis Esakov: Spying on Moscow. A Winged Guide to Architecture Moscow from the Air

The Calvert Journal: Spying on Moscow: Denis Esakov presents the Russian capital from above

The New York Times: Profile in Style - Olga of Greece

Dodho: Chatting with Denis Esakov Red Vienna

The Calvert Journal: Vertical City 25 Architecture Instagram Feeds to Follow Now (Part III)

InRussia: Flying over modern Moscow

ORIS: Grinding a Gem denis esakov photographs the avant-garde architecture of konstantin melnikov

Dodho Magazine: This is Not a Tower (photo essay)

AD Russia: Top 10 best Russian instagrammers

Photogrvphy: This is Not a Tower (photo essay)

Afisha Daily: Fifth Facade - project of Denis Esakov

Archinect: A photographic tour of Alvar Aalto's restored Viipuri Library

The Modernist: Above Soviet Modernism

PhotoWebExpo: Architectural photography project "Fifth facade" using drone

Berlogos: Interview with Denis Esakov

Archi.Ru: Moscow Institute of electronic technology in Zelenograd The Institute of bioorganic chemistry Zuev Workers' Club VDNKh modernist pavilions

Afisha Daily: MIET building — forgotten masterpiece of the Soviet modernism Sanatorium Voronovo Moscow Metro engineering services building

The Village: House on legs at VDNKh Zelenograd Palace of Culture These Drone Photographs Reveal the Hidden Geometries of Late Soviet Modernism

Interiors the best: interior of Impact HUB Moscow (page 80)

The Village: The dismantling of the State electric station (GES-2) Two Towers Olympic venues Flying over Moscow

archiru_parkplace Multifunctional complex Park Place The restoration of the Rusakov Workers Club Central house of tourist Modernist lobbies of the Moscow metro Museum of automobile plant Moskvitch (AZLK)

archiru_kazan Kazan modernism House of Interns and graduate students of Moscow state University Aviators house on Begovaya st.

The Village: 20 years of Ostozhenka: does Moscow needs in Golden Mile Beautiful images that capture the best of mankind and nature make up the latest list of entries in world photography contest

Archi.Ru: Paleontological Museum

Photowebexpo: The Stage for a Stunned and Aware Hero (photo project of Denis Esakov) The Architecture of Konstantin Melnikov in Pictures Housing Complex Lebed Burov House on Leningradskiy prospect

archdayily_rusakova.png AD Classics: Rusakov Workers' Club / Konstantin Melnikov

The Village: Soviet utopia - how Zelenograd has not became Silicon valley Constructivist city A Short History of Yekaterinburg's Constructivist Architecture Crystal in anticipation of change

The Village: I live in "the House of atomic scientists" on Tulskaya Alvar Aalto's restored Viipuri library AD Classics: Viipuri Library / Alvar Aalto Anniversary series. Photographer Denis Esakov shot 12 of Konstantin Melnikov buildings to the 125th anniversary.

The Village: Soviet houses for supercomputers (rus)

The Village: Five modern buildings in the center of Moscow (rus)

The Village: Paleontological Museum (rus)

The Village: About Leonid Pavlov's "house with ear" (rus)

The Village: Denis Romodin about ZIL culture centre (rus)

The Villag: The most unusual garages of Moscow (rus)


The Village: Montreal pavilion at VDNKh (rus)

The Village: Five reasons why the South-West is the most interesting area of Moscow (rus)

The Village: Why Institute of Scientific Information on Social Sciences of RAS have to be restore (rus)