Denis Esakov thanks for posting these recent images of my project for Skolkovo School. Your drone images which are now being copied by many others set a bench mark in architectural photography. They reveal a new way of looking at architecture on the planet. The constructivist would be jumping for joy. It also revealed the authors hand and design intent in a powerful new way. Thank you for allow us to use it at the @garagemca show last year and allowing us access to them for my archive.

David Adjaye, architect, Adjaye Associates (London)

Denis captured a remarkable sequence of photographs for us at the Bolshevik Factory In Moscow. Although the buildings , volumes and spaces we created were inherently photogenic Denis breathed life into the development somehow wonderfully finding compositions filled with light and activity that no other photographer had seen previously. Architecture is ultimately about People not just the design of Buildings and this was the quality that Denis found and expressed so beautifully in his pictures and is one of his unique gifts as an Artist.

Aidan Potter, partner John McAslan + Partners (London)

Denis Esakov’s work is not only a documentation of contemporary architecture thru the photographer’s eye.

Esakov tells a visual story of our built environment.

Dr. Philipp Meuser, architect and Publisher (Berlin)

The publisher requested Denis’ pictures for a guide dedicated to a city which is full of contradiction and complexity. Moscow is not easy to be described, nor is it easy to be photographed. I think Denis did a very good job; he took the spirit of the architecture of the city. Thoughtful and emotional. He is very reliable and professional. I hope to have the occasion to work with him again, soon.

Maria Giulia Caliri, architect, FORMA Edizioni (Florence)

To my mind Denis Esakov's work is one of the best shots of the Melnikov House. His seeming simplicity and lack of sophistication, as well as attention to details allowed to show architecture as it is. As a result, Denis shows the airiness and lightness of this iconic space. The Museum took his series as canonical.

Denis Esakov is a serious and reliable professional freelance photographer. Working with him, I have appreciated his responsiveness to the requests, as well as his accuracy and punctuality in meeting the scheduled deadline, features that everyone that works on journalistic and publishing fields knows how fundamental they are!

I appreciate his shooting style, because Denis’ pictures do not chase a spectacular end in itself (like some photographers that produce nice images), but that doesn’t permit to the reader to understand what is looking at. Esakov has a preference for the aerial view, as these kinds of images show the building in their urban context and underline the links between the construction and the space in which the building lives; his shots are normally clear, accurate, and faithful to the real feature and shape of the building.

Gian Marco Sivieri, Editor and Picture Manager at 24 ORE Cultura (Milan)

Pavel Kuznetsov, director of the State Melnikovs Museum (Moscow)

Denis Esakov’s architectural photographs of Tel Aviv are exciting. Tying relationship with geometry, architecture, and time, he succeeds to capture the essence of buildings in the city. Denis looks for liveliness of the modern architecture, discovering an existence through simultaneity and delay.

Michael Bogomolny, architect, founder of the Institute for Art, Education and Identity "Milhauz"  (Riga)

Photographing architecture is a special skill. Many of the buildings are known to one point of view only. The best of them have cinematic trait: the ability to demonstrate a continuous number of points of perception. Denis Esakov sees every interesting perspective, every expressive detail. That is why his architectural photo-essays

are so informative.

Louis Kahn said: "Drawings are the expression of one's striving to reach the spirit of architecture. And I would add, the spirit of place, the spirit of people, and the spirit of process." Denis is able to see this spirituality and show it in his work. Therefore, his photographs

are so important.

Felix Novikov, architect (Rochester)

The deepest impression of Denis Esakov’s work is his vision’s wholeness. There is enough place in this clear world view for decaying constructivist heritage, experiments of post-war modernists, cutting-edge buildings by starchitects. And one can be sure: this world view is able to effortlessly accommodate any other objects, phenomena and even characters that will interest Denis in future.

Nina Frolova, architecture critic, managing editor of (Moscow)

Denis takes very simple photos. It seems so at first glance. Not close, not far, not low, not high. The photographer is the background in these shots. Denis gives voice to architecture without intermediaries and unnecessary intervention. Scrutinizing pictures, you begin to understand these buildings. Just a sunny day, parked cars - all the sights of a usual August Sunday. Nowadays, we know architecture mostly from photographs. This is half of its success. And this is the work of the photographer. This little distant but friendly position is very valuable. It is important especially in relation to those buildings that have become commonplace and whose merits we often do not notice. You begin to understand what is behind the scene after trying to take pictures of buildings by yourself. Behind obvious perspective, natural light and shade,  and expressive details are hard work and elegant style.   

Nikita Tokarev, director of Moscow Architecture School MARCH (Moscow)

Denis's works always allocates its own geometric frame. Even when he is working on the building under construction, he achieves to show visual harmony and purity of proportions

of architecture and space.

Andrey Adamovich, architect bureau A2OM (Moscow)