Moscow School of Management Skolkovo / Adjaye Associates

The core of the building is the Disc where suites of teaching spaces, a congress centre, and supporting facilities form an internal cityscape bounded by a circular enclosure, an arrangement, which is intended to suggest openness, cohesion and an absence of hierarchy. Its roof supports the Wellness Centre, the Administration Tower and residential buildings.

Denis Esakov thanks for posting these recent images of my project for Skolkovo School. Your drone images which are now being copied by many others set a bench mark in architectural photography. They reveal a new way of looking at architecture on the planet. The constructivist would be jumping for joy. It also revealed the authors hand and design intent in a powerful new way. Thank you for allow us to use it at the @garagemca show last year and allowing us access to them for my archive.

David Adjaye, architect, Adjaye Associates (London)