The Stage for a Stunning and Aware Hero

2011-2017, self-published, leporello, 10x7cm. Shortlist Vienna PhotoBook Award 2017

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This is an accordion photobook technically. Functionally, it is an educational game. The aim of this game is to train the ability to explore things or phenomenons from different points of view. I was inspired by the metaphor of the panopticism of Michel Foucault and the idea of anamorphic sight of Donald Preziosi. 

The voluntary refusal to accept a different point of view is at the core of panopticism. It is the situation in which we have the only one right perception of things. A human with panoptic sights rejects other interpretations, he is assuming his point of view as the only possible truth. Anamorphosis assumes that we can try to look at the thing with many points of view. We have to explore many of them to learn more about the subject of the research. 

I shot the architecture of different cities in geometric abstraction style for this photobook-game. Anonymized fragments of architecture do not say anything about the building or about the city. Geometric ornament forms independent images. It depends only from the viewer's mind. Thus is formed "my city". This is not Moscow of Yury Luzhkov, not the Paris of Baron Haussmann but private space, that I grabbed from the public space. This city is built not by a bricklayer, but by the viewer's glance. The ideological messages encoded in the architecture are blurred or destroyed.    

I invite the viewer to independently build multiple paths through the book. You can look it from right to left and vice versa, vertically and horizontally, you can make any facing pages from these images. It would be great if the viewer looked at the book using several different ways and have found your favorite pair/trio images. Look at the same image in different ways. It is enough to take this book in hand to remember about the interesting anamorphic method and to train your ability to see the world from different points of view, rejecting the possibility of the existence of the only truths.  

Photobook-game is put in a box that contains two covers – vertical and horizontal. Book cover sets up the first viewer's path. Therefore, I propose a few options at this level. Some images further in the book will explicitly says that they're upside down and it would be logical to follow their direction and turn the book upside down too.