Zuev Workers' Club / Ilya Golosov

This is a prominent work of constructivist architecture. It was designed by Ilya Golosov (1883–1945) in 1927 and finished in 1929. Golosov was an enthusiast for expressive, dynamic form rather than the logics of Constructivist design methods. The building facade consists of cylindrical glazed staircases intersecting with stacked rectangular floor planes to create a dramatic composition.

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The deepest impression of Denis Esakov’s work is his vision’s wholeness. There is enough place in this clear world view for decaying constructivist heritage, experiments of post-war modernists, cutting-edge buildings by starchitects. And one can be sure: this world view is able to effortlessly accommodate any other objects, phenomena and even characters that will interest Denis in future.

Nina Frolova, architecture critic,

managing editor of Archi.ru (Moscow)